Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Department



In the middle of a windy night in 1912 the commercial center of the newly-incorporated Village of Sister Bay was almost completely destroyed by fire, despite the best efforts of the citizen-volunteers who responded to the ringing fire bell. The amateur fire-fighters formed a bucket brigade; alas, too little, too late.        Read More


The times have changed. Sister Bay and the Town of Liberty Grove now operate a modern, well equipped Volunteer Fire Department. No more fire bell: when the alarm is given, cell phones and pagers carry the call instantaneously. No more buckets: high pressure hoses, high pressure foam, pumpers, tankers, a ladder truck, and a company of well-trained volunteers are at your service.


There are two stations, one on Mill Road in Sister Bay, the other on Highway 42 just north of Ellison Bay. Together the stations house: two pumpers, an aerial platform, a heavy rescue, two brush trucks, two tankers, two ATVs, and a hose truck.


The current roster of the Fire Department numbers forty six, counting the Chief, Assistant Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants, Fighters and Emergence Medical Responders.


Door County Emergency Medical Services organization; (a branch of the Door County government) shares the station in Sister Bay. DC-EMS houses two ambulances and living quarters for the on duty Paramedics.


The times continue to change. More people, more buildings, bigger buildings, and new technologies for combating fire. Currently the town and villages of northern door county are looking at forming a joint fire district that will include: the Town and Village of Egg Harbor, the Town of Gibraltar, the Village of Ephraim, the Town of Liberty Grove, and the Village of Sister Bay.


Fire Chief Chris Hecht urges citizens who are interested in serving the community in a most satisfying way to contact the Fire Department at 854-4021.